What People Are Saying

“When Linda facilitates us in the Wellness Sexuality Practice, she embodies what she is teaching! I can tell she is tuning into us moment-by-moment, sensing exactly what’s the next best step for us to take as a couple. Her solid presence makes me feel safe and seen – and shows me how to be more authentic and present for my partner.”  ~ Joy N., Writer

“After last month’s Human Design reading with Linda, I experienced a paradigm shift. I discovered that I’m a Projector – and Projectors need to conserve their energy. Instead of working harder, I’ve been working smarter, and taking conscious breaks. This past month was the best ever in my business!”   ~ Beverly S., Owner, Recovery Life Management

“I appreciate your big spirit. You’re very open to life and unafraid to put your arms around it. In the face of intensity or the unknown, you’d rather figure it out up close than run away from it. That makes me feel safe and comfortable to work with you.” ~ Douglas E.

“When my husband and I met Linda we’d just had a baby. Before the pregnancy, I didn’t really enjoy sex; my sex drive had been all about pleasing him. After having the baby, penetration really hurt. I had zero passion or desire to work through the pain to have sex, and he was really frustrated. As part of our work with Linda we learned the Wellness Sexuality Practice, and all sorts of healing occurred: My energy started to increase, I stopped pushing myself and let my desire guide me, I started to want and initiate sex, and my vagina healed. Now we are having an amazing sex life!”  ~ Faith C., Mother

“I was feeling stuck in my professional and personal life, and experiencing the stuckness as a ‘brown energy’ that was zapping me of energy. My work with Linda was a game changer. Her insightful process was so deep it organically lifted me out of the ‘brown energy’ and gave me a sense of clarity. I let go of needing to know where I was going, as Linda guided me to focus on my present tense self care and goals. Before I knew it my life was taking on an entirely new shape, literally! I started a new business that was not in my realm when we began our work together, and I ended a relationship of almost 8 years that I hadn’t been happy in. I regained faith in trusting in my gut, learned how to follow my Human Design strategy, and adapted other tools Linda taught me as a springboard to create the beautiful life I now have. Thank you Linda!”  ~ Kimberly W., Therapist

“Linda brought enthusiasm, depth, and excitement to our couple’s coaching session. She expertly navigated both of our experiences, helping each of us to re-language our words so we could better understand each other and reach a point of connection. She gently took the charge out of our stories, so we could see each other with compassion. She guided me to move towards a difficult feeling I typically would have avoided, so I could reconnect with my love and gratitude for my lover.” ~ Laurie M., RN and Coach

“Linda’s clear-cut mentoring, compassion and guidance helped me set the foundation for creating my company, She Recovers – an online community that supports women in recovery. Today my company facilitates yoga and recovery retreats in three different countries each year and provides daily inspiration via social media to over 110,000 recovering women daily. I never would have figured out what my vision was, let alone achieved it, without Linda’s support.”  ~ Dawn N., PhD

“Linda is a highly intelligent and insightful coach. She skillfully asks probing questions to understand unusual professional and personal situations. Even in areas with which she has no direct knowledge, she uses her wide-ranging skills to masterfully assist me to further understand myself and my interpersonal interactions. She has enabled me to achieve higher levels of leadership and managerial success in ways that I never would have envisioned during the start of our sessions. I am thankful for her guidance.”  ~ Ken F., Chief Medical Officer

“I enjoyed Linda’s class, Ignite Your Relationship using Human Design, enormously! It helped me better understand things about myself, and it gave me new tools I now use in my relationship with my husband. It even helped me to improve my communication with my stepdaughter! I started with no previous knowledge of Human Design. By the end of this course I was able to read my own chart and those of my family! I’m deeply grateful to Linda for her loving guidance, patience and generosity in sharing her knowledge.”  ~ Elena W., Relationship Coach

“Thank you so much for the Human Design Reading for my family-owned business, with some business coaching thrown in. We are already using the insights you gave us and it has made a drastic difference in how we relate to each other. I have learned to approach all my family members differently, and sense they feel more comfortable and at ease with me. “  ~ Soleiman B., CEO

“Since taking your training, I have changed jobs and I’m now doing something more challenging and with a much larger scope. After 33 years in the company I still get excited about my job!  I even won an innovation award and appreciate that an “oldie” like me can still be recognized for contributing!”  ~ Carol F. Associate Director – Systems and Technology Practices

“Until you came along, the advice I was given was always temporary when it came to inner change. With your guidance, the changes that occurred inside me were natural and profound, and they have remained permanent. I am astounded at the deep levels to which you take my spirit and guide it so gently to see the truth of who I am.”  ~ Joan B., RN

“Working with Linda has been an incredible experience. My weekly calls with her give me the opportunity to look at my business in a whole new light. She has helped me to expand my concept of “success” and allowed me to achieve goals that I never realized were there before.  ~ Virginia G., Business Consultant

“You are an amazing coach. You open the space for my wisdom to emerge. Your questions guide me to open up to a place that’s immense within me.  Your voice matches my power in a way that doesn’t constrict. It feels like a hand on my back that supports and holds me. “ ~ Julie D., Writer, Teacher and Coach

“I know that the growth I have experienced over the last several years has been done with grace because of our work together. You have helped me see my true values and create my career around them. I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me. I know you are always there to help and guide – thank you!”  ~ Nora W., President and CEO

“Linda is an exceptional coach. She has helped me understand the key stumbling blocks in my life.  I have become infinitely more conscious of these unproductive tendencies through my work with her and have significantly improved how I respond when these things come up.  One of the best things about her approach is that she is truly non-judgmental and loving, which is so important to creating a deep trust between coach and client. It serves as a cradle for the truth to be exposed and dealt with.  I highly recommend her to anyone seeking deeper knowledge and awareness about oneself in order to more fully realize one’s potential.”  ~ Jeff B., Coach and Consultant

“After attending Linda Landon’s seminar I am more confident than ever with my public speaking capabilities. I gained tools that I put into action right away, and her presentation style was fun and engaging. It is terrific to know that I can comfortably – and effectively – be myself when I’m sharing information in front of a room of people.”  ~ Erika S., Principal

“The Power of Pause” is an unlikely title for a workshop, but as Linda Landon described the process, she also revealed how taking a pause can help in many parts of our lives. In an encouraging way, she brought total strangers together in one-on-one exercises that helped us uncover negative habits and move beyond them to express ourselves candidly and with high integrity.”  ~ Bev H., Public Relations professional