Overview of Services

All our services are designed to help you turn your life back on and reclaim the ageless vitality that is your birthright. At the core of each is a simple process I have used with hundreds of clients.

The Ignite Your Joy Method

  1. Human Design: We identify your unique genetic blueprint, your deepest desires, and your true life purpose.
  2. De-conditioning: You learn how to excavate and dissolve the programs that cover over your spark and prevent you from following your desires.
  3. Reset your direction: You set clear intentions in alignment with your unique design.
  4. Flow: Effortlessly move into actions that are fueled by your desire and uniquely designed to carry out your intention.
  5. Practice: Learn the Wellness Sexuality Practice, and other mindfulness skills, to cultivate your aliveness and power, and sustain your renewed vitality.

So you can IGNITE the unique spark that resides within you and live a passionate, purposeful and joyful life.


Initial Consultation

Our Ignition Services are in-depth and life changing. I invite you to meet for an initial consultation so you can gain clarity on your intentions, and determine if we are a good fit. We can meet in person or over the phone, SKYPE, or video conferencing – whichever is more convenient for you.

You answer some crucial questions to —
• Determine your current level of ignition: How much energy do you have available to you right now?
• Uncover your desire: What to you really want?
• Identify what is stopping you from having your desire: What’s in your way?
• Imagine how you would be if you had what you desired: How would you feel and what would change in your world?

If you are a “Yes” for working with me, I recommend the best program to start our journey together. My desire for our collaboration is that you ignite your joy and manifest sustainable success beyond anything you have ever imagined.

Click here to set up an initial consultation.