Do you ever catch your reflection in a store window, and say “who is that old person?” Then you realize it’s you! What’s crazy is that you don’t feel old, but somehow your body has changed. It’s starting to show how many years you’ve been on the planet. In other cultures, say Africa or Asia, aging wouldn’t bother us. Our wrinkles and lines would be honored. We’d be revered for our status as wise elders.

Are you ready to claim your ageless sexy self and rock?

Here’s the challenge: Woman rocking to musicFor those of us who live in the western world and especially in a city like Los Angeles, how you look is ‘everything.’ Pick up the LA Weekly and what do you see? Ads for procedures I’d never even heard of before I moved here: Lyposuction, botox, breast augmentation, freeze your fat, dental veneer……. In LA it’s important to be noticed, and to be noticed, you have to look good! Your outsides are considered a reflection of your insides.

Well, that’s partly true. What you’re feeling inside does show in your skin tone, the way you move, your posture, and how easily you interact with others. Have you noticed that when you’re turned on your skin is flushed, there’s a bounce in your step, your body feels fluid, and light shines out of your eyes? You have energy and people are magnetically drawn to you. Who you are is attractive!

Do you remember this song by Maria Maldau?
“It’s not the meat it’s the motion that makes your mama want to rock.”  

It seems that we’ve got it all backwards. Top selling magazines like Cosmopolitan and People, television and print commercials, diet plans, even self-help books, advise us to change how we look so we can feel better about ourself. How is that working for you? Would you like find a way to feel fantastic from the inside out?

Many people who come to me complain of exhaustion and chronic health issues. They may feel desperate and fear getting old. Some have had cosmetic surgery yet still obsess about how they look. They can have a particular kind of rigidity, as if their body is a dried out and parched. What they all have in common is that they are starving for nourishment and may not even know it.

Imagine learning how to uncover and ignite your own unique spark. You start to fill up with a sense of who you are and become hydrated with essence. You learn how to excavate your desires, and consciously undo conditioned patterns of behavior that have blocked them, so you can begin to live a turned on life.

You may choose to learn the Wellness Sexuality Practice, a structured meditation practice done with a partner, that focuses on your genitals. Doing this ona regular basis increases blood flow to the area and intensifies pleasurable sensation. As orgasmic energy starts runs throughout the body, you become suffused with vital energy. Your skin tone changes, your skin and muscle tissue becomes hydrated, and you start to feel – and look – younger and attractive!

I invite you to discover how to revitalize yourself from the inside out. Isn’t it time to get that bounce back, be your sexy self, and rock?!