Our country – and the globe – are going through a huge paradigm shift. This election is a wake up call for all of us. Whether you voted for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, you are being called to embrace your humanity and innate goodness.

Like those who voted for Hillary, I’ve been grieving, and in deep conversation with friends about “What happened here, and what are we supposed to learn from this?” Sometimes I have to let go of what I think I know, and let answers come to me from other sources…..

Last night I dreamt I was having a conversation with the President Elect. In spite of my aversion to everything he stands for, I found myself falling under his spell. His power and charisma caught me off guard, and I felt almost hypnotized, and to my dismay, even attracted to him! He was trying to persuade me to work for him. Though I declined, as a Human Design Projector who thrives on recognition, it was so hard to resist the way he made me feel as if I was the most important person for the job.

You could say that this dream was all about me – an unearthing of hidden aspects of myself that are personified in Donald Trump. And yes, I believe that may be true (and something to write about another time).

I also believe that even though I’ve never met the man, in my dream I had a direct felt experience of the power of his energy field. I helped me to understand why so many Americans have been enthralled by him, some without knowing why, or even what he is talking about. The dream gave me pause, and humbled me.

I’d like to share a Human Design perspective:


Donald Trump’s Human Design chart reveals that he is a Manifesting Generator, with an energetic presence designed to attract others. Non-verbally he envelops those around him with a powerful pull. He has emotional definition, which means has the potential to make the right choice at the right time if he follows his strategy – to wait for emotional clarity before responding. However, he also has the Gate of Crisis in his sun sign, forming a channel with the Gate of Change.

This means his short fuse and impatience can override that clarity (and that of others) compelling him to “Just do it” in the moment – without regard for the consequences. With proper advisors, and the willingness to be guided by them, he has the potential for emotional depth to endure crisis and embrace change. The question is…… will he allow himself to be guided?

I believe it’s up to every one of us – those who voted for Mr. Trump, and those who did not – to claim our power and consider:

  • What do you TRULY care about? What ignites you?
  •  Are you going to go back to sleep and let things run their course, or wake up and take action?

I invite you to actively support our next administration to do what is right – and call them to task when they do not. We are all one. Today more than ever before, we need to let our greatness shine through and work together.

If you want to learn more about your unique Human Design, and how to best access your greatness, please click here.