WomanonBeachDo you ever find yourself saying “I don’t have time” or….. “I’m too exhausted”?

Several months ago I sent out a survey to everyone I know with the question “What is your biggest challenge?” The overwhelming response was — Not enough time or energy.

Many of us who are 40+ struggle with the idea of aging. We live in a culture that dictates that our best years are behind us and we are running out of time. This is such a lie! We are designed to be ignited until we take our last breath.

My commitment is to show you how to feel younger as you grow ‘older’ – to help you revitalize your energy and expand your sense of time. So I’ve been thinking….. How can I sharewith you some simple practices that will raise your energy and not take much of your time?

My solution? Tips for Ignition!

These musings only take a few minutes to read. They are short and sweet – and offer simple easy-to-use tips to turn on your vitality. I invite you to test them out and share them with others.

Here’s the first one:

Reward yourself BEFORE you do that thing that is so challenging

How many times do you tell yourself, “I’ll treat myself to a massage or a special meal after I make that difficult phone call?”

Recently a client told me how to change it up! She rewarded herself first by taking a walk on the beach. Then she felt so elated it was easy to call her friend and apologize for her previous bad behavior. Not surprisingly, the call ended with them laughing and making plans to do something fun together.

I invite you to try this for yourself!