Sweat streams in rivulets along my arms and drips onto my yoga mat. Hair sticks to my eyelids, but I don’t brush it away because I’m committed to holding the pose. I bend my front knee deeper while I straighten my back one. I extend my arms several inches more in either direction. My body feels like it’s being stretched on a rack: It hurts and feels amazing. Even though my mind taunts me to stop and rest in child’s pose, I keep going.

By the end of class my face is bright red and my clothes are soaked through. I feel like I’ve been thoroughly wrung out. My earlier grumpiness is gone, and I feel light, inspired and turned on. I’m full of energy and ready to dive into my day.

Do you ever wake up feeling grumpy, depressed or blah? Thoughts of everything you have to do that day start bombarding you. It’s just so tempting to pull the covers over your head. Maybe you wait until the last minute to get up, rush to make a cup of coffee, grab an energy bar – and then head out the door. How is that working for you?

I invite you to change up your morning – and give your body a chance to really wake up.

For me, Hot Yoga does the trick. What might it be for you? Maybe some gentle stretching or a walk. And, if your body is ready – what about something that makes you sweat? Yes, it may be uncomfortable at first. But once your body gets warmed up, you can push through your limits and go into this flow state that feels incredible.

Yoga, running, biking, hiking, swimming…..  Be sure to pick an activity you actually enjoy. Because if it’s pleasurable, you may want to do it again!