You just turned 60, and the clock is ticking. What’s next for you?

Are you going to keep working at a job you loathe? Do you dare ask yourself the forbidden question “What do I desire?” Are you ready to cut loose, and do what you’ve always longed to do?

Would you like to Ignite your Retirement?

Senior Couple Enjoying Camping Holiday In CountrysideFor some of us, by the time you’ve reached the ‘golden years’ you’re exhausted. You’ve lost that spark you had in the first half of your life. It’s all you can do to get through one more day, and hang in there for the the hard-earned retirement package. So you drag yourself to work, earn another paycheck, and use each weekend to recuperate and prepare for the following week. You keep yourself going by imagining how great it will be when you finally call it quits.

Yet, when that day comes – and the day after that, and the day after that – maybe you don’t know what to do with yourself. You may have health challenges, your intimate relationship has dried up from lack of attention, your children are busy with their own lives, and….. your soul hurts. It’s like you’ve forgotten who you are and what turns you on.

It doesn’t have to be like this!

What if Retirement was the beginning of the best part of your life!? What if everything you’ve done up to this point was preparation for you to NOW live the fullest expression of your gifts and talents!?

My passion is to turn upside down the whole story we run about aging. People who work with me ignite the spark inside them and actually start to feel, act and look younger. They learn how to alchemize their life experiences – and challenges – into fuel for transformation. Here’s what our journey together can look like:

  • Excavate your desires: We run your unique Human Design Chart. This map reveals your hidden longings, your unique gifts, and your true life purpose. You get to acknowledge, sometimes for the first time, that one thing you have put off doing your whole life! You also learn a unique strategy – which is key to unlocking your desire.
  • De-Condition: As you begin to follow your strategy, you encounter your conditioning – unconscious, fear-based behaviors and thoughts that block you from having what you desire. These unconscious patterns have been repeated so many times that they have actually formed neuropathways in the brain.  You learn simple tools I’ve developed over thirty years, to shift these patterns – and rewire these pathways. What happens is remarkable – your energy starts to free up!
  • Reset direction: Now you have the fuel to start moving through your fears into action! You start to design a life that —
  • Flows… effortlessly from one self-realized action to the next.

Maybe you choose to stay at your job. Maybe you leave and begin a new career. Maybe you retire early and travel around the world with your partner. Maybe your begin to explore new ways to express your sexuality. Maybe you finally move to that beautiful home in the country….

Whatever you choose, this time, you can trust the guidance that comes from a place deep inside you that is turned on and fully alive.