Host a Human Design Party!


Curious about the personality assessment tool people are raving about?

Want to experience a cutting-edge technology that can optimize your health, revitalize all your relationships, and transform your life?

Invite your friends to a Human Design Party at your home or office!

Each guest will view their individual Human Design chart and be introduced to what it all means.

Plus…. Receive a 10-minute Individualized Human Design Session!


  • The gifts and challenges of your Human Design type
  • Your unique decision-making strategy
  • Ways to lovingly and effectively communicate with others
  • The energetics of how you think, feel, process emotions, work, and love
  • Your distinctive way of learning and experiencing life

Every time you and your guests listen to another’s mini session, you find out more about yourself!


All you have to do is provide a venue, some light snacks and drinks, and your friends.

Linda will show up, run charts, give sessions, and guide a fun-filled and memorable event.

Afterwards, each guest will receive via email a Human Design Introductory Kit that includes their Chart and Linda’s eBook Ignite Your Vitality using Human Design.

Don’t live in Los Angeles? Ask Linda about hosting a Virtual Party via Video Conferencing!


$350 for 2 hours (up to 8 people)

$175 each additional hour (add 4 people)

Email Linda for more information, and to schedule your party!

Click here to learn more about Human Design.

Learn Linda’s signature “Say Yes” practice so you can stay true to yourself when you’re in someone else’s ‘energy storm.’