My last two blog posts talked about following your ‘Inner Compass’. Are you wondering….. “What is that anyway, and how can I access it for myself?”

Vintage Colourful Graphic Compass Isolated On Light Background. Vector Illustration.

Your Inner Compass (IC) is that part deep inside you that just knows. It operates in the moment, and directs you step by step by step. It’s like your internal GPS system. When you follow your IC, life unfolds in magical ways, and you have an experience of flowing with life. Sometimes, things feel effortless.

Sometimes, well…… your IC pushes you to do something that can be super uncomfortable. For instance, it may urge you to do that thing you’re so afraid of. And then what happens? You pop through to the other side, and feel lighter and freer!

Your Inner Compass is here to guide you in the direction your life was designed to go – a life that is infused with purpose, fulfillment and joy. When you listen and follow its promptings, you feel in alignment with yourself and those around you. It feels fantastic.

In Human Design your IC resides in an energetic center called the G or Identity Center. The G Center is about your heart and how you love yourself and others. It’s also about your identity – knowing who you are and your direction in life. When you are in alignment with your G Center, you are loving. When you are loving, you do and say things that are congruent with who you truly are, and your life moves in a direction that supports your unfoldment – and that of everyone around you. This is you following your IC.

However… To access the wisdom of your IC – which resides in the G Center – you have to follow your Human Design Strategy! Let me explain:

In the Human Design system, each human being is one of five types: the Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector. Each type has a specific strategy for decision making. When you follow the strategy for your particular type, you make decisions that are correct for you, and draw towards you people, circumstances and events that are good for you. When you follow your strategy, your internal GPS switches on and life flows in the ‘right’ direction. In other words, when you follow your strategy, you can let your IC do its job – without you getting in the way!

hdchart_gcenterSadly, many of us don’t follow our Strategy. Most people aren’t familiar with Human Design and don’t know what their strategy is; others do know what it is, but are afraid to let go of ingrained habits and beliefs they’ve become accustomed to. Here’s the thing: When you don’t follow your strategy, you’re not that loving to yourself, or to others, and what happens? Life starts to work against you. Everything seems hard and super frustrating. You can feel stuck and like you’ve lost your direction.

I introduce Human Design to all my clients, and invite them to test out their strategy to find out for themselves if it works. Here’s an example:

Allan clearly knows who he is and what he wants to be – an actor and writer. This is reflected the Gate of Self-Expression in his G Center. However, like all of us, he has some challenges. One of them is that he is a Projector with the Gates of Struggle and Enthusiasm. He also has Emotional definition, which means he has emotional ups and downs. The strategy for a Projector is to wait to be recognized and invited. Allan is bursting to enthusiastically share his creative ideas! However, if he shares before invited, people judge his ideas, question his talent, or worse, don’t even notice him. Then he spirals into a struggle with writer’s block, bouts of depression, and the belief that nothing he does matters.

Through our work together he’s learning to patiently work on his craft and wait for the invitation. As he follows his strategy, he’s become loving of himself and patient with others, and his writing is flowing. To his astonishment, he’s starting to become recognized as an up-and-coming actor and screen writer. Life is getting easier, and he feels like he’s in alignment with his life purpose.

I invite you to ask yourself…..

  • Am I familiar with my Inner Compass?
  • How does it communicate to me? (as a body sensation, a voice, an image….?)
  • Am I able to easily access it and follow its guidance?
  • What is one small step I can take to follow its direction?

Would you like to learn more about your Inner Compass, and how to follow its guidance?

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