What do you desire? Do you even know? Can you sense what desire feels like in your body, in your relationships, and in your life? Do you long to make a contribution that touches other people’s lives?

Do You Dare to Desire?

Do you dare to listen to the voice of your desire?

Desire is open ended and fluid. It defies all logic. It is not a goal that can be achieved, because it is not external. It is internal, unlimited and formless. It lives in the core of your being and speaks in a language of its own. Desire is magical, mysterious and impossible to extinguish. It is your compass. If you listen to it, it can be your greatest guide. If you squelch it, it will eat you alive.

Desire is the key to your Ignition.

Have you ever asked yourself “What is my desire?” Or have you been conditioned to shove this question deep into the recesses of your unconscious mind. Perhaps you are valiantly trying to do the right thing, and wondering why you are exhausted, frustrated and deeply unhappy.

Do you feel burdened by a sense of responsibility…. to provide for your family, please your customers, stay at an unpleasant job until retirement, not upset your spouse? Were you taught “Selfishness is a sin?” Do you fear that considering your needs may unleash a hungry beast that will tear apart everything you’ve worked so hard to build?

Is it hard to know what you desire? Here’s one big hint: Desire is about pleasure. What turns you on, what brings you joy, what makes you wanna rock.

An invitation to Excavate your Desire:

  • If you’re a writer, pull out pen and paper. Write at the top “What do I desire?” and start answering. Don’t take your pen off the sheet until you’ve filled the whole page. If you’re flowing, pull out another sheet and keep going – until you feel a natural pause.
  • If you’re visual, get a stack of magazines, a glue stick and a big sheet of poster paper. Go through the magazines and tear out photographs and words that grab your attention and turn you one. Then you can cut them up and glue them onto your poster paper.
  • Or…… Set up your iPhone on a tripod, turn on the video, and blab…… as fast as you can. Start with “I desire….” and go. You can even dance, wave your arms, walk around the room, whatever gets your juices flowing.

Give the voice of your desire free reign: Be illogical and outrageous. Discover what brings you pleasure, what feels a bit naughty and selfish.

Don’t worry about whether or not you can have the desire, or how you can get it. We’ll address that in a different blog.

So ready, set, go for it!