Do you ever feel stuck?

“I feel trapped at the bottom of a deep hole, with a rock over my head. I try move the rock but it’s heavy and hard to budge. When I do manage to wriggle past it, the walls are so slippery there’s nothing to grab onto to pull myself up. So I keep sliding back. Strangely there’s some comfort being […]

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Reverse Aging – Cultivate Your Joy

A key way to reverse the aging process is to cultivate joy! Joy resides in your heart. It has more power than any other feeling – and is the source of ageless vitality!

Think about the last time you felt joy, or as one of my clients said, a sense of being happy for no reason. How did you feel in […]

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Want to feel Grateful? Don’t Take Anything Personally!

Thanksgiving is coming up, the one day of the year that’s designated for being grateful. Even if you don’t believe in conjuring up gratitude just because you’re supposed to, you’re determined to be loving as you can be, especially if you have friends and family coming over.

The good news is, you already know each family member’s Human Design Chart, so you’re […]

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How to Sustain Your Ignition – Surrender!

Let’s face it….. sometimes you get tired – especially if you’re no longer thirty-something, or forty-something or over fifty. As a sixty-two year old woman I have learned, the hard way, that the key to aging gracefully is surrender. Surrender is not about giving up. Surrender is actually about giving into the power and glory that you are!

What if you […]

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  • Never Say Never

Never Say Never

What’s the most life changing thing you’ve done in the last ten years? In the process of making that shift, was there a moment when you balked? Perhaps you said “I’ll never pull this off,” or thought, “My partner will leave me if I really go through with this.”

Or, before you even committed, did you respond as some do when […]

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Focus on Sensation

In the Wellness Sexuality Practice you put all your attention on sensation. Not just any sensation, but the sensation you feel in one very specific spot. For the stroker, it’s the tip of your left index finger. For the strokee, it’s the place in the genitals where you’re being stroked. The more you stay with precisely what you’re sensing, the more […]

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Do You Dare to Desire?

What do you desire? Do you even know? Can you sense what desire feels like in your body, in your relationships, and in your life? Do you long to make a contribution that touches other people’s lives?

Do you dare to listen to the voice of your desire?

Desire is open ended and fluid. It defies all logic. It is […]

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What Makes You Wanna Rock?

Do you ever catch your reflection in a store window, and say “who is that old person?” Then you realize it’s you! What’s crazy is that you don’t feel old, but somehow your body has changed. It’s starting to show how many years you’ve been on the planet. In other cultures, say Africa or Asia, aging wouldn’t bother us. Our […]

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Retire and Ignite!

You just turned 60, and the clock is ticking. What’s next for you?

Are you going to keep working at a job you loathe? Do you dare ask yourself the forbidden question “What do I desire?” Are you ready to cut loose, and do what you’ve always longed to do?

Would you like to Ignite your Retirement?

For some of us, by the […]

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Turn Up your Turn On

Recently I worked with a couple who adore each other, yet were mystified with the apparent schism in their sexual appetite.

He likes to make long leisurely love on weekend mornings, when there is no rush to get up. She is more spontaneous. She likes to wake him up in the middle of the night, catch him off guard in the […]

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