Focus on Sensation

In the Wellness Sexuality Practice you put all your attention on sensation. Not just any sensation, but the sensation you feel in one very specific spot. For the stroker, it’s the tip of your left index finger. For the strokee, it’s the place in the genitals where you’re being stroked. The more you stay with precisely what you’re sensing, the more […]

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Do You Dare to Desire?

What do you desire? Do you even know? Can you sense what desire feels like in your body, in your relationships, and in your life? Do you long to make a contribution that touches other people’s lives?

Do you dare to listen to the voice of your desire?

Desire is open ended and fluid. It defies all logic. It is […]

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What Makes You Wanna Rock?

Do you ever catch your reflection in a store window, and say “who is that old person?” Then you realize it’s you! What’s crazy is that you don’t feel old, but somehow your body has changed. It’s starting to show how many years you’ve been on the planet. In other cultures, say Africa or Asia, aging wouldn’t bother us. Our […]

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Retire and Ignite!

You just turned 60, and the clock is ticking. What’s next for you?

Are you going to keep working at a job you loathe? Do you dare ask yourself the forbidden question “What do I desire?” Are you ready to cut loose, and do what you’ve always longed to do?

Would you like to Ignite your Retirement?

For some of us, by the […]

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Turn Up your Turn On

Recently I worked with a couple who adore each other, yet were mystified with the apparent schism in their sexual appetite.

He likes to make long leisurely love on weekend mornings, when there is no rush to get up. She is more spontaneous. She likes to wake him up in the middle of the night, catch him off guard in the […]

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Interview with Wellness Expert, Maureen Mongrain

This week’s special bonus – a recording of my presentation for the Thrive at Any Age Telesummit.

This ten day event was hosted in June by Maureen Mongrain, a brilliant visionary dedicated to helping people thrive at any age. I had the privilege of being one of many experts in the health and wellness field who presented tips for increasing metabolism […]

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Hot Sweaty Yoga

Sweat streams in rivulets along my arms and drips onto my yoga mat. Hair sticks to my eyelids, but I don’t brush it away because I’m committed to holding the pose. I bend my front knee deeper while I straighten my back one. I extend my arms several inches more in either direction. My body feels like it’s being stretched […]

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Play with your Partner

How long has it been since you and your partner went out on a date or did something really fun? Sometimes the down side of creating a wonderful life together is that you’re so busy managing it that you don’t have time to enjoy it.

One of my clients had two young children, a dog, two rabbits, a thriving business, aging parents […]

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Change your Daily Routine

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” ~John C. Maxwell

Take a look at your life. How many little things do you do everyday in exactly the same way: Brush your teeth, walk your dog, make your bed, prepare your breakfast, get your kids ready for school, […]

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Reward Yourself First

Do you ever find yourself saying “I don’t have time” or….. “I’m too exhausted”?

Several months ago I sent out a survey to everyone I know with the question “What is your biggest challenge?” The overwhelming response was — Not enough time or energy.

Many of us who are 40+ struggle with the idea of aging. We live in a culture that […]

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